Personal Training


Training that suits your schedule and ensures your success.

We help people move forward in a positive, health focused manner improving their quality of life in all areas. We are committed to achieving results, and putting an end to failing  to succeed. With Bandon S&C you get more than just a 1 hour training session. You become part of a growing community of like minded individuals, who are continually learning and supporting one another along the way.

Putting The Personal Back Into Personal Training


Let us start by mentioning that not all personal trainers work in the same way, or even aim to achieve the same goals. Many of our clients are surprised by the unique approach that we take compared to previous experiences with other trainers, gyms or programmes. 

As Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches and Neuromuscular Therapists, we don’t just sell results, we provide the opportunity for your body to excel in every way that it can. Our packages cover in depth fitness and movement assessments, nutrition, 1-1 training, postural correction, injury prevention, rehabilitation and much more. 

We believe you are worth more than just an hour of exercise, we are with you from start to finish, carefully planning your training and keeping you motivated. Our approach is community driven, holistic and focuses on physical, dietary, postural and mental well being. 

Strength is not just about building muscle – it’s about discipline, overcoming barriers, learning something new and perseverance. Remember it’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about your life, your health and well-being. We will work with you to tailor the best possible training programme for your individual needs and objectives. Targets are realistic and bespoke. Our core values of commitment, community, dedication and support are what set us, and you as our client, apart.

Personal Training at Bandon Strength and Conditioning

Personal Training at Bandon Strength and Conditioning

  • The opportunity to become fit and live a healthier, balanced life  

  • Professional dietary analysis to include macronutrient breakdown for your goals  

  • Postural, Movement, Fitness and Body Composition Statistic assessments 

  • Body fat reduction and weight management

  • Specific, professional programming tailored to your level and goals

  • Emphasis on proper exercise technique and form

  • One to one training, personal support and guidance  

  • Mobility flexibility and stretching drills/exercises prescription  

Online Programming and Tracking


Your training sessions with us are important, but there’s 23 more hours in the day. We have recently introduced online programming, nutrition and results tracking software into our personal training packages. Your progamme is available to you 24/7 to check what you are doing in your next session, you can track your nutrition, integrate with your Fitbit to track activity and steps and more! 

You’ve invested in us, so we’re using this software to invest in you. 

Shelf with colourful Kettlebells and Wall Balls at Bandon Strength and Conditioning

Our Training Philosophy

Success comes from hard work, honesty, integrity, and knowledge. We believe in educating our clients so that you can make well informed, positive lifestyle choices.



Our Strength & Conditioning classes provide a safe environment to meet new people and make friends. The professional coaches are always there to support you, guide your workouts, check that technique is sound. So come on in!