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Our professional coaches will help you meet your fitness goals and ensure that you’re always improving.

Bandon Strength and Conditioning Coaches - Rachel, Teddy and May
Bandon Strength and Conditioning Coach - Teddy
Teddy Nyhan

I am the owner/manager of Bandon Strength and Conditioning. I first started lifting weight at the very young age of 15 and I have been doing it ever since. I first qualified at 21 which is 16 years ago. Over the years I have strived to grow both academically and physically.

  • NCEF Gym Instructor Level 1
  • NCEF Personal Trainer Level 2
  • Hard Style Kettlebells Level 1
  • Neuromuscular Therapist
  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • Pre-Post Event Message Therapist
  • KG Elite S&C Level 1 + 2
  • British Olympic Lifting Level 1
  • Irish Olympic Lifting Level 1
  • FRC Mobility Instructor
  • Kin-Stretch Instructor
  • IOFBC Behavioural Coach Level 1
  • Paddle Board Instructor
Bandon Strength and Conditioning Coach Rachel
Rachel Walsh
I played many sports when I was younger and later found the gym, however it wasn’t until I walked through the doors of Bandon S&C in 2016 that I really found my passion!
I love the challenges and variation that S&C and Crossfit presents, there is always room for learning and improvement. I enjoy constantly pushing myself both as an athlete and a coach.
After 7 years of training I decided to put my hand to coaching and share my knowledge & experience with others. I really enjoy encouraging members to push past their limits in those dreaded last minutes of a tough workout! I love seeing new members of all abilities walk through the door and achieve things they had never thought possible, I only wish I had started sooner!
My favourite part of coaching and training in Bandon S&C is the community. It’s a fun, sociable and encouraging atmosphere and I have made so many new friends for life.
Favourite lift: Power Clean
Bandon Strength and Conditioning Coach - May
I have been working in care roles since 2014- starting out in nursing. I became a mum in 2017 and following this changed my career path. I am a qualified NEFPC personal trainer, gym instructor and a group fitness instructor. I especially love strength and conditioning based coaching, with the last number of years spent working in this area.
I have a special interest in functional movement for a purpose. Both sports/performance and general health based. Pre/post injury & women’s health are two areas I enjoy learning about- previously having been involved with running women’s health based training groups.
I love the whole approach to training, building confidence in the gym setting- getting comfortable in better technique with weightlifting, finding movement you actually enjoy, and is sustainable. I find my job extremely motivating and rewarding.
Growing up, I was always encouraged to be active and spend time outdoors – hiking/sea swimming/exploring were all instilled from a young age. My own training is built around a love of running/endurance as well as weightlifting. I recently returned to university to study psychotherapy & counselling as I feel it will aid my ability in coaching and connection with physical and mental health.
I’m very grateful to be part of the team at Bandon Strength and Conditioning and love the community based ethos. It’s humbling to learn from the members who come from all walks of life and to be a small part of their training & journeys to becoming stronger and healthier.



Our Strength & Conditioning classes provide a safe environment to meet new people and make friends. The professional coaches are always there to support you, guide your workouts, check that technique is sound. So come on in!