Self Image and Mirror

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When it comes to self image the mirror can be extremely cut throat, it can lead you down a road of self-hate, shame and regret. It can highlight all your failures and disappointments and it’ll rarely sugarcoat it.

It will never reflect the positive side of you or remind you of all the things that you’ve done right. It wont tell you that your a great friend, a great brother or sister, a great mother or father, it wont pat you on the back for all the hard work you have being doing. Itll just go straight for the heart and kick you again when you are down.

There’s times in our lives whereby we have all neglected our health but quiet often we’ve done so because we have priorities other things or people over our health, we done what we need to do but now it is time for change!

“Now it is my time, I’m putting myself and my health first and I am ready to do something about.”

The next time you look in the mirror dont see the old you looking back at you, see the new you, the version of you that puts your health up on the highest of pedestal and does something everyday to improve it!



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