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Bandon Strength and Conditioning was established on the 22nd of August 2016. It is a facility that is based on improving the health and performance of each and every individual that trains here. I ask our members to focus their attention on their health first and foremost because I know from years of experience that this is the key to long-term results.

This is extremely important now more than ever because unfortunately, we live in a world that programs us to think that it’s all about vanity and body fat percentages and people end up forming a poor relationship with food and also themselves and in a world full of quick fixes and fad diets people are under an enormous amount of social pressure to look a cert way which has lead to both a decrease in physical and mental health.

When clients strive to look after their health first this becomes a far more purposeful goal that can lead to great things from a physical and mental sense. When we train for our health we create a very positive relationship with training and nutrition, we also build a better understanding of what health really is. True health is about balance, it’s about knowing that yes you can eat a takeaway or some chocolate without feeling like a failure, it’s about known that you don’t have to train 5 days a week to be fit and strong, it’s about knowing that having a few drinks with your mates is a good thing, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin and seeing yourself in a positive light.

Bandon Strength and Conditioning bring like-minded people together and we share the same focus, in striving for health we increase both our strength and fitness markers. When it comes to numbers these are the ones that are of most importance as opposed to being fixated on the number on the scale. Over the years the community of members here has gone from strength to strength and has created an environment in which people can thrive.



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