The best first step to losing weight

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I am not going to go on with the usual shite when it comes to losing weight, chances are you already know them, calories deficit, more sleep, lifting weights, exercise more blah blah blah you’ve heard them all before.

I want to ask you to do something completely different!

Instead of looking at yourself in the mirror and saying things like, how the fuck did I let it get so bad? I’m ashamed of myself! Fuck sake nothing fits right anymore and I feel like shit!

Look at yourself and ask why? not at a superficial level but at a deeper level whereby you have a look at your lifestyle around the time you ‘let yourself go’. When you do you might surprise yourself!

Could it be because you put your career before your health because of your family.

Could it be because you started a family and you spent every minute putting your children’s health before your own!

The reasons why you are overweight have little to do with being lazy or otherwise. So I want I want to ask you to do one thing. Let go of the those negative thoughts of shame, anger and guilt and accept your situation for what it is.

If you are overweight because you puts your kids health before your own, i think thats something to be proud of.

If you put your career before your health so you could provide for your family, guess what, that’s something you should be proud of.

By accepting your current situation for what it is and letting go of the negative bullshit surrounding it, you will be putting yourself in the perfect position to change.



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