Are you struggling to get back to your old fitness routine after lock-down?



You are not alone, as a gym owner I witness this first hand and its completely understandable. Our lives just work better when we have a good solid routine around work, training and life in general. So when the lock-down came that quiet simply just fucked everything up. I had gym members that went from being extremely fit, training 4+ days a week to doing nothing over the space of a couple of week. Also I heard of so many others that just threw the towel in when it came to a health a diet, “fuck-it, lets get a take-away.”

Does that sounds familiar?

If so dont be hard on yourself because the lock-down created an extremely stressful environment instantaneously. No body knew what to do, how could we? The thing about stress is that it can be expressed in a multitude of different ways, such as: turning to food for comfort, lacking motivation because what’s the point, right?, it can cause sleepless nights because we didn’t know what was around the corner, fear and anxiety can stem from it, overwhelming sadness because of the uncertainty. The list is endless.

Thankfully we are nearly there. But after nearly 18 months its not that easy just to jump back into an old routine. The first steps will always be the hardest. But I can speak from experience when I say, you can do it. And the best advice I can give you if you are struggling too find your fitness mojo, start small. 2 days per week is the perfect way to start, schedule your days in advance and stick to them. Once that feels extremely doable then aim for 3 x week. Finally be patient, getting back to your former glory will take time …. so take your time!



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