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After a long time closed I was delighted to see people so keen to get onto the gym floor. Everyone, me included, struggled to do the whole keep fit at home thing. The way I see it, our homes are a place for comfort, a relaxing environment free from from fucking burpees! So needless to say people struggled to keep up there usual standards of physical exercise.

Once people got back in to gym I was very keen to get them back to their former glory as quickly and as safely as possible. With that being said I have being dedicating my time to programming. We are currently into our second 9 week block and we have had incredible results and so many personal-bests (PB’s). Whereby all members have increased strength numbers and far fitness markers.

For me strength and fitness markers are far more important than body fat numbers. I think the world around us makes us think that being stick thin is more important, which has a massive negative impact on the way we perceive ourselves.

BSC ethos will always be about putting your physical health before that number on the weighing scales. And our performance based programming reflects that ethos and it will continue to do!



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