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As the evenings close in and we all hear ourselves saying “THE WINTER IS COMING” in our best Game of Thrones accent, its that time of year where we knuckle down and start to really settle in to our winter routines. For me this can be a challenging time to get out and about to get those steps in so a change of focus becomes necessary.

Next week we start our 12 week challenge. So what is the challenge? The challenge is sub-divided into Performance Goals or Nutritional Goals. Performance Goals can include anything from getting your first Pull-up to running 5 k. For Nutritional Goals this can be weight loss, performance nutrition or just simply wanting to increase your overall health for the sake of longevity.

So where do we come in? We will be assisting you in outlining your goals and helping you to create a road map towards them. For Performance Goals this will included additional programming by Coach Jack Shanahan. For Nutritional Goals will be assisted by Nutritionist Rachel Desmond. Both coaches will be on hand and keeping you accountable via bi-weekly zoom call.

Side note: Bandon Strength and Conditioning is a health and performance facility, we want our members to know that being healthy has fuck all to do with having a six pack, a size 6 waist line, a huge ass or what ever else is being portrayed as health over social media.

True health is a combination of things, its about being strong enough to lift your kids, fit enough to run after them, having a fit and strong heart to you can keep doing it into your elderly years. Its about about being able to go for a run or a hike……..just because you fucking can.

Train for your health, not your vanity



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